Good Ol’ Spring Break

Yes. I’ve been absent for quite some time now. I don’t consider myself a writer, so when I do write, it is more of the exception than the rule.

But hey! It’s Spring Break!

At least, at DigiPen it is, and DigiPen has a predictable and unorthodox manner by which it determines the week in which Spring Break will exist. The GDC (Game Developer’s Conference) is a major event in the game industry. Due to its significance, DigiPen lets students off for the week in which the GDC takes place, a smart move in my opinion, though I’m not attending this year. The price is certainly worth it, and students get an excellent discount, but it really only matters in the few years before entering the industry. We’ll see how things turn out.

Only a few days, and I’m back into the fray, battling Vector Calculus, and owning dynamic two-dimensional reflections.

In the meantime, however, the week has been great for music composition, the one thing I do not spend enough time doing. The more I compose, mix arrange, I can feel the strength in my “musical muscles” growing, much like a physical workout, but rather abstract and not . . . at all like a physical workout. Most of my projects are team-based, as my GAM150 team approaches the beta milestone in our game, Mika, a 2D action platformer of sorts.

Well, Spring Break can’t last forever, so I have to get going.

Onward and upward!

– Caleb K.


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