Where billiards and matching games collide.



“I haven’t been playing iPhone games for a long time, but I am hooked on this one. The sounds and music are amazing as well!”

– Isaac Carlton

Collide like-colored orbs together to pop them, thus resupplying your limited supply of orbs and topping your score. Avoid the spikes, be wary of gravity, and have fun!


+ Pure gameplay, pure fun.
+ Beautiful flat design, and entrancing sounds.
+ Local and GameCenter leaderboards for every game mode!
+ 4 different game difficulties (with an upcoming custom option)!
+ No ads!
+ Save states: Sorobo always remembers exactly where you left off, any time, all the time.
+ Awesome loading times. Pick up games in a flash!
+ No menus, splash screens, or any other distractions.

Contact kable@kablechannel.com for any additional inquiries regarding Sorobo.


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