Utomah is a 2D platformer in which the player, a boy with a parasitic creature stuck to his head, navigates through a nightmarish world. Grapple, latch, and dash through incredible environments, discovering the darkness of one’s inner mind, encountering true horrors along the way. With memorable bosses, challenging fast-paced encounters, and unique level structures, prepare to push your skills to the limit.



   Audio Director

   Programmed / engineered all sonic tools in a proprietary level editor built in Qt.

   Designed / integrated all sound effects and composed the game’s soundtrack.

    Utilized Perforce, GIT, and GIT’s Issue Tracker in a team environment as source control.

   Created the trailer in Davinci Resolve with footage captured in OBS.

Utomah’s sound design is both subtle and explosive, immersive, unreal, and alien. The in-game environments teem with aural life, as it was an intention of mine for the game to be a coherent sonic experience even if the player turned the music off.

The soundtrack bridges the gap between ambience and action, with a gothic electronic-orchestral twist. Wavering theremins, haunting bells, and blaring brass accent the fantastic visuals and cinematic moments.